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Salgadeiras Gallery, created 15 years ago and which artistic director is Ana Matos, has been developing its program around the fusion of artistic expressions and genders, and a “positive contamination” with other fields of though and sensability, such as Literature and Poetry. Also has been establishing partnerships and creating bridges with other cultural institutions, in Portugal and abroad. Deeply in line with the Salgadeiras Gallery compromise in considering “the art as a public good”, we created the Friend of Salgadeiras Group that has the objective of making the access to the Art easier, offering several other advantages to Friends. Also we highlight the “Gallerist for a day” initiative where we invite people coming from other territories to define their own expositive speech, from our Archive and art works from artists we represent or collaborate with. With the goal to spread out the gallery to other sensibilities and ways of facing the Art, we had invited Bárbara Coutinho (2008), Bárbara Guimarães (2008), Gonçalo M. Tavares (2011), José Pacheco Pereira (2017), Paulo David (2013), Rodrigo Leão (2009).

Augusto Brázio, Carlos Alexandre Rodrigues, Cláudio Garrudo, Eva Díez, Ilda Reis, Inês d’Orey, Marta Ubach, Martinho Costa, Rui Horta Pereira, Rui Soares Costa

Daniela Krtsch, Guilherme Parente, Paula Almozara

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