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Presentation by Inês d’Orey with KioskZine

Inês d’Orey presents the work “Resgate” at Salgadeiras Contemporary Art Gallery on February 8 at 6h30 pm, in the tenth edition of KioskZine, edited by José Farinha and Paulo Pimenta.

Kioskzine is a bi-monthly paper publication in A5 format, with limited edition, created exclusively to provide a privileged space for photography, focused on documenting, narrating, and disseminating stories.”

“RESGATE permits you to visit different interior spaces of buildings in Buenos Aires, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Tokyo and several cities in Portugal. It comprises photographs that were put aside and, in the meantime, forgotten, that were not shown in exhibitions and publications of different photographic series, and that, now, are recaptured, recovered and revisited, to be seen, for the first time, by those who previously did not visit, with the photographer, the places they represent.”

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