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O rato não roeu

The exhibition “O rato não roeu”, inaugurated in the Parody Room of Bordalo Pinheiro Museum on July 25, is part of an artistic residency integrated in the third edition of the museum’s artistic residency program, in which Mariana a Miserável, Pablo Quiroga Devia, Rui Horta Pereira and Sreya participated. It can be seen until September 10.

In this residency, Rui Horta Pereira presents “Use your hands”, an action project. He created several stop motion records that translate and document different manipulations of matter, whether organic or chemical, in prepared supports. Copies of the intervened supports can be made if their resistance allows it. So that they can be constituted, along with the films, as final works. However, the focus of the process is the experimentation and the use of elements that allow metamorphosis, either by the use of a graphic or sculptural method.

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