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The Useless Things lab

On June 24th inaugurates the installations/performances of the Useless Things lab, a project of Site-Specific Installations / Public Art by Inestética, whose 1st edition is curated by Alexandre Lyra Leite and Rui Soares Costa. There will be pieces by 4 young artists (Catarina Gentil, Catarina Vilaça, Cláudia Simões, and Tiago Leonardo), plus a piece by Rui Soares Costa, that will remain in the municipality’s public space until November 4.

“The discussion about the usefulness of art has produced countless reflections that express distinct visions about the relationship between artists, the state, and society in the different architectures of artistic creation and diffusion. This laboratory of research, experimentation, and creation of public art, aimed at young creators up to 30 years old, who develop work in the areas of visual arts and performance art, intends to stimulate the creation and reflection on contemporary artistic practices and their relationship with the social, political and cultural context, focusing on the promotion of the work of emerging artists. During the laboratory, 5 site-specific installations were conceived and will be presented in the public space of the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira.”

Image: mixed technique, steel angle, 50 x 50 x 5 mm, 2023.

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