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Stringing the disconnection

Galeria das Salgadeiras

Salgadeiras celebrates its 20th anniversary by moving to Bairro de Alvalade, presenting “Stringing the disconnection”, a solo exhibition by Rui Soares Costa, at 53D Avenida Estados Unidos da América.

After two decades in Bairro Alto, Salgadeiras – Arte Contemporânea is renewing its name and image and moving to another neighborhood in the city, also known for its dynamic contemporary art scene. The inaugural exhibition is closely aligned with the Salgadeiras program, in which the gallery is defended, in a broad sense, as a place for thought and reflection. In this sense, Rui Soares Costa presents recent works from various series that are part of his political and social thinking as an artist and cognitive being. “Stringing the disconnection” is based on this premise, which assumes, on the one hand, man’s involvement in the significant transformation of the planet, in what is known as the Anthropocene era, and, on the other, the perception of the complexity of the contemporary world, in which various systems and paradigms compete. In other words, to solve the world’s current tangible, immediate, or (co)existential problems, we need to resort to our cognition, considering the Other(s) in this complex equation where time plays a fundamental role.