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Não sei quem são mas são os de sempre

Galeria das Salgadeiras

There is a drop of ink that falls on the ground and scatters. There is a sheet of paper that lands and reveals. The moment the paint absorbs the organic material, Marta Ubach finds not only nature, that place of silence that she so often turns to, but also, in a game of chance and textures, the characters of her pictorial universe. They appear of their own will, coming from the overlapping of a rose leaf with an oak trunk, like the stories we find when we idly look at the clouds in the sky. Or when we rest our eyes on the ground. It is this action that triggered the creative process that Marta Ubach brings to this exhibition. Pressed sheets of paper that, embodying elements of the landscape, build other stories where the characters meet. Those, who, as Marta Ubach says: «I don’t know them but they look familiar.»