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“Beograd Concrete” in Arch Daily

“But while a plethora of architectural appraisals has been conducted on the external qualities of brutalist structures in Belgrade and beyond, photographic documentation of Belgrade’s brutalist interiors is relatively rare – something that photographer Inês d’Orey has sought to change in her most recent exhibition.” says Arch Daily magazine about the solo exhibition “Beograd Concrete”, by Inês d’Orey, at Galeria das Salgadeiras. A series that resulted from an artist residency in Belgrade, Serbia, in the scope of Belgrade Photo Month 2021, in which Inês d’Orey created a photographic series that involves the modernist and brutalist architecture present in this region of the world. The concept of the identity that architecture imprints on a given territory is a constant in the artist’s work, which she has already explored in other cities, such as Lisbon, Porto, Copenhagen, and Tokyo.“ What is apparent in these images is a striking variety of interior design approaches – sometimes in a direct relationship with the exterior of the structure and sometimes in what seems like in direct contrast to it.”

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