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Are you here?

Are you here? Vulnerability and emotions in contemporary artistic practice is a research project carried out by Sara Donoso in the framework of the REGA 2023 grants – Programa de Residencias Artísticas do Gaiás. It is an ongoing digital publication that reflects on self-exploitation, precariousness, and instability in the art system.
It is also an appeal to the need to speak and share, to shout our miseries hidden under a loop of enthusiastic images that swell the profiles of social networks, to undress the mind to let it be.

Through the images of Leila Amat, Abel Azcona, Costa Badía, Rosendo Cid, Eva Díez, Olalla Gómez Valdericeda, Omar Janaan, and Santiago Talavera we will go through works that show themselves with sincerity, that scratch, each one in their own way, the logic of productive speed. Accompanied by a text and by the comments that each artist has been answering around a common questionnaire, we will look at the heartbeat of art from questions that resonate intermittently among all creative professions: Is conciliation possible? Does instability make us vulnerable? What happens if we get off the wheel? At what point do art and life intersect?

The project will be presented on November 24.

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