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“Short stories” de Joanna Latka inaugura na Galeria ART-ECK em Soligen, Alemanha

Joanna Latka inaugura, a 29 de Setembro, a sua primeira exposição individual na Alemanha, com a exposição “Short stories” onde reúne uma série de gravuras e desenhos recentes.

A exposição estará patente até 6 de Novembro.

“Joanna has a lantern. She brings great luminosity into the darker pockets of life.

In that light, sometimes lines embark on a journey. They start off as little train tracks into Joanna’s world. You sit in the carriage as they draw a map along the way. The outlines are inquisitive – and just like in the greatest of expeditions – you feel no apprehension. We veer around corners, applying the breaks too late and skid into strangers. We have conversations. A lady in under her hair curling dome tells us all the gossip. We continue on our way, erratically, boldly, swerving to keep a straight line, because how else would we travel in this world?

This is a place where dogs have gnashing teeth as saws, and are taken on walks alongside tired high heels. The journey continues on a leash, past a woman making her exit onto the desolate street for a cigarette break. That woman will feature in the story.

A city is emerging. Concrete apartment buildings squash to fit into the frame. Joanna is looking through the windscreen. Her art is in these rectangular replicas. Short stories that are only found between changing gears, in the hands on the pram, the husk after the lemon had been squeezed.

Some stories are told in the first person as Joana invites the images to take the reigns. They are unfettered, free to make decisions, at liberty to make mistakes. It is the very stuff a human strives to have for his own. Other stories are told in second person. A place where memories live on cold streets and worn apartment blocks slice up sunny blue skies. You. Then there is a passenger. The third person. The messenger. A girl in a blood-red dress. There are blotches of colour that sometimes others leave behind. A mark. A short story.

Rob Plews”

Mais informações no sítio da galeria: Galeria ART-ECK

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