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Construction Festival X

Rui Soares Costa participa no programa de Residências Artísticas no Festival Construction X no Atelier Olho de Boi, em Almada, entre 30 de maio e 6 de junho, organizado por Kulturamedialna, de Dnipro, e com curadoria de Kateryna Rusetska, Maryna Marinichenko, e Valerie Karpan.

The residency is a result of collaboration between the Construction Festival (Dnipro, Ukraine) and SHAPE+ platform for innovative music and audiovisual art from Europe. Inviting 3 artists to work together for a week from May 30 till June 6, the residency aims to facilitate an exchange between innovative and aspiring musicians and interdisciplinary artists with an interest in sound. Participants of the residency include an artist pre-selected through the SHAPE+ artist roster, and artists from the Ukrainian and Portuguese scene, selected by the team of the residency. Besides the collaborative working sessions, 3 open events for the local audience and professional community will be organized by the residency team. SHAPE+ aims to boost the careers of European artists through collaborative residencies, commissioned artworks and performances. Combining an open call and a curatorial selection, the participating festivals and venues select a roster of artists to support each year. Construction is the festival of electronic experimental music and contemporary art. The festival has been taking place since 2014, organized by the Kultura Medialna NGO team, and based in Dnipro, Ukraine. Due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which makes it almost impossible to organize international projects and artistic collaborations on the territory of Ukraine, the festival holds a number of events outside of Ukraine with the support of partners. Kultura Medialna is an NGO aimed at cultural and urban development in Central and Eastern Ukraine, specifically in the city of Dnipro, with focus on contemporary art, media art and growth of public space and city communities.

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