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Cláudio Garrudo apresenta a série PH. no Belgrade Photo Month

No âmbito do festival de fotografia sérvio Belgrade Photo Month, Cláudio Garrudo apresentará a série PH, da qual é coordenador editorial.
Será no dia 23 de Abril entre as 18:00 e as 20:00 no Centro Cultural de Belgrado.
De acordo com o Festival:
“The Ph. Series is a set of bilingual monographs dedicated to contemporary Portuguese photography, published – with the editorial headship of Claudio Garrudo – by the Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, S. A. (Official Printing Office). These books aim at divulging the work of these artists by showcasing the expanded and multiple territories of Photography and being further enriched with texts written by specialists.

The series was released in November 2017 with a book dedicated to Jorge Molder and in May 2018 the book about the work of Paulo Nozolino (already on its second edition) was showcased. Both contain unpublished photographs that are making their debut here.

Therefore, the Imprensa Nacional intends to publish two books from the Ph. Series a year, continuing to provide the quality that has been a defining characteristic throughout the publishing house’s history and taking on responsibility for “the publishing of the essential works of the Portuguese culture”.”

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